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The world is increasingly becoming a smaller place due to the evolution of technology. The internet and streaming allow for instantaneous communication, and people can virtually congregate to watch movies, sporting events, and even video game matches. However, the rise in technology and communication has led to a loss of privacy. Anonymous is seeking to protect the privacy of the individual in this digital age, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. The group has announced the launch of its Unknown Fund that will donate US$75 million in Bitcoin to startups that directly or indirectly support the idea of anonymity.

Defending Anonymity

The Unknown Fund says they view the “protection of the personal data as one of the main challenges” facing the individual during these modern times. The group says the use of data to target and manipulate people as both “amazing and frightening.”

The Unknown Fund cites the use of personal information in major political campaigns to swing elections one way or the other potentially. However, they also note that such manipulation also occurs in a person’s daily life. They state that social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, are designed to be addictive by corporations.

Anonymous says:

“Now the main goal of large corporations is to collect as much information as possible about the personal lives of people, and then use it for their enrichment. And they do a great job of it by making ordinary people get poorer. We are ready to fight for change and protect people.”

It’s staggering the amount of personal data a person hands over to major corporations to use social media platforms: birthdays, lists of friends, phone numbers, places of employment, political views, tastes in entertainment, and so on.

Every app downloaded increases the amount of information that is collected and sent to corporations to enrich themselves. Oil, precious metals, and currency used to be the hallmarks of wealth and power in the industry, but it is now data that is harvested from consumers.

Unknown Fund LogoUnknown Fund Logo
Unknown Fund Logo. Source: Unknown.Fund

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Providing Solutions

Anonymous and its Unknown Fund are looking at how blockchain and cryptocurrency can help defend the rights of individuals. They note that the decentralized nature of this new technology is a way for “humanity to create a new environment, a new and honest monetary system, and to make the world a better place.”

To help make the world a better place, the Unknown Fund will support startups that help anonymity ideas to the tune of $75 million in Bitcoin. The fund is looking at startups that are working on personal data protection, tools for online anonymity, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

Anonymous adds:

“If you believe in freedom of speech and the media, and most importantly, in a free and accessible Internet, then you are also Anonymous. Our opponents should not doubt our determination or conviction. We will continue to fight as much as necessary to achieve our goal.”

Anonymous notes that investing in such technologies through the Unknown Fund is just the beginning of their crusade to protect the online anonymity of people. The group says they have developed other strategies and methods that they will announce later.

The fight against personal data being used to manipulate people, whether it’s for politics or selling soap, is an important one. It is increasingly hard to remain truly anonymous in this digital world as almost every website, app, and social media platform demands personal information to be utilized.

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Pi Network - auto mobile mining

Become one of the pioneers!!

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