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Real estate is undoubtedly a reasonably tricky asset class to access. Even those who manage to invest directly are oftentimes challenged with a lot of administrative burdens. Real estate is also known to be relatively illiquid, meaning that your capital could, in theory, stay locked for a more extended period.

There have been quite a few initial coin offerings (ICOs) of projects which fail to place enough professional experience required to realize the material return on the investments. A lot of them offer stakes in commercial buildings and hotels. However, the reality is that in a lot of the cases, the amount of capital that’s raised would only cover a portion of the proposed investments.

This is supposedly where MilCoin steps into the picture. Boasting a promising business model, the project aims to revolutionize real estate investment in Latin America.

What is MilCoin?

The MilCoin Network is intended to be a world leader when it comes to acquisition, preservation, as well as the development of both real estate and entertainment media assets. The project’s mission is to create a model for sustainable land usage and business practices which would also stimulate tourism development and community growth.

The key to the project’s business model is the acquisition of a large volume of debt-free real estate assets which would produce income. They would also secure the value of each MilCoin token, but more on that later.

MilCoin’s Real Estate Portfolio

The project’s real estate portfolio has hundreds of properties in areas that contain exploitable natural and mineral resources in the state of Baja California. Under the careful direction of LatAm Save The World, the team will perform extraction methods to reap the benefits of the land in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

The entire region of Baja California is known for having very favorable geological conditions for non-metallic and metallic mineral deposits, which include gold, silver, copper, iron, silica sand, limestone, and so forth. These are largely used in the construction industry, which offers the MilCoin Network a fairly wide range of extraction opportunities and industrialization of said minerals.

Additionally, MilCoin Network is going to acquire intellectual property rights by purchasing digital libraries while also enhancing and restoring international films in the public domain. This will allow it to produce entirely original content which will be accessible on the project’s proprietary streaming media platform.

About The MilCoin Token

First things first, the MIL token is a securitized ERC-20 based Ethereum asset, which is intended to facilitate a rewarding member experience through various products and services. Besides, the token will be used for membership subscriptions, as well as affiliate referral payouts.

The team claims that each MIL token is going to be secured by land value which ranges from $833,000 to $5.5 million and shares in multiple operational businesses.

About MilCoin’s ICO

MilCoin Network’s ICO started on September 9th this year, and it’s going to last until September 9th, 2020. The hard cap is set to $30 million and people can invest in both ETH and USD.

The token which is being sold carries the MIL ticker, and it’s based on the ERC-20 standard.

According to the project’s Whitepaper, 97% of the ICO proceeds are going to be used to purchase the real estate portfolio which comprises 10 million hectares and about 3,000 kilometers of beach-front property in Mexico and Latin America. This is also what’s going to collateralize the value of MIL.


In general, the project is very ambitious and it intends to introduce a network comprised of numerous aspects that offer a nice diversification. Unlike most projects of the kind which focus solely on real estate, MilCoin’s network adds entertainment media assets which are generally in high demand.

The business path MilCoin Network has chosen is undoubtedly challenging to achieve, mainly because the success of the project depends on the ICO itself. At the same time, even though the MIL token is supposedly collateralized, this collateral will only come when and if the project acquires its portfolio assets.


  • Ambitious goals and innovative idea
  • A variety of intended assets which bring serious versatility
  • A coherent and well-written Whitepaper with a lot of valuable information


  • The project is very dependent on its ICO
  • The tokens will only be collateralized if and when the team acquires its portfolio assets


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Pi Network - auto mobile mining

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